What is a Telephone Ringtone?

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A sonnerie telephone is any sound that a phone or other communication device uses to alert a user of an incoming call. The sound can be an audible tone (also called ringing tone or ringback tone), or a downloadable music file played over the telephone's audio system.

Some ring tones are created by sequenced recording methods such as MIDI, which specify what synthetic instrument should play a given note at a given time. Other ring tones are created using vocal recordings and/or other synthesized instruments.

Most modern phones and smartphones support the MP3 format for storing ringtones, although older devices can use formats such as AMR or iMelody. These formats were developed by Ericsson and Nokia before mp3 became standard, but are still available for older mobile devices.

Ringtones are generally stored in the ringtone memory of the phone, but can also be sent via SMS to the handset or reprogrammed by the user interface. Some ring tones may also be created in karaoke style, combining the user's voice with a backing track.

Another type of ringtone is the "call progress" tone, which indicates the progress or status of an incoming call. This type of ringtone is often associated with an incoming call from a busy service, such as a local number, and can be either polyphonic or monophonic.

In response to an incoming call, a base station sends an incoming message from an antenna 5 to a mobile station 3. This message is received by the central unit 6 from where it is then transmitted to the mobile station.

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