Adrian Amos - SS -

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Adrian Amos - SS -

The first four seasons as a member of the Bears, Adrian Amos proved that he was a capable defensive player. He surpassed any expectations they had placed on this fifth-rounder. The Bears were unable to secure his signature and, much to Chicago's detriment, Amos signed with the rival Packers. And in the two years with Green Bay, he's actually stepped up his game even further, scoring two picks over the last three seasons. For the past two years his Packers are giving him more duties and he's responded to that by putting up over  tackles every season.

Jamal Adams - SS -

The Seahawks have earned a reputation for their inventive use defense backs. For their part, they have Jamal Adams, who thrives in situations where he needs to take on the most unexpected. Apart from being an amazing defensive back in the air, Jamal Adams is also the enigmatic player of having the most sacks by a defensive back during a single year of his career which was . in the course of this season. Adams is therefore deadly everywhere on the field , and teams are battling for information about how best to stop him.If you want to know more about Madden 22 Coins product information can go to

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